metauni banner

at metauni i’ve integrated the avatar editor, a new what’s on board used in the metauni hub, and various other small improvements.

avatar editor

i originally started working on the avatar editor as a personal project of mine to act as a drop-in module for any places of mine. around same time as starting the avatar editor, i learned about metauni through a friend. the avatar editor is now integrated into multiple metauni places with significant features in the avatar editor being developed with metauni in mind.

new what’s on board

in june 2022 i worked with ethan to automate schedules for each week. i worked on a python script to handle some formatting things to make the data easier to work with from luau and a roact application in roblox to display the schedule in the metauni hub. i implemented a hover feature aswell for schedule to display additional information such as description, notes, and times.

schedule board in roblox hovering over an event title

calendar feed for schedule

with the new automated schedules implemented, i later went back to implement an icalendar feed. i use a python script and the ics python library to generate this.